Mass Hoisting License Renewal 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D / 1C & 1D Class 65 Plus FREE

Mass Hoisting License Continuing Ed 65 plus Class

One day course renewal con ed for 2 MASS Hoisting Licenses- FREE 65

We want you guys staying in the game as long as possible. Teaching your sons and grandsons or daughters how to be safe, good operators makes life safer & better for everyone. My thoughts: You've paid enough. Rick

Our Classes are held at multiple locations and on multiple dates per location. See price dropdown on right.

MA Hoisting License: You deserve a break if you are 65 and older. We want to help. *******We check IDs.********

1. Comfortable.

2. We cover: 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D & 1C 1D every class. Call for 1B 508-212-4735- Rick

3. Coffee and continental breakfast is provided.

4. Students - Get your certificates at the end of class. Satisfaction Guarantee.   Its FREE

Class starts - 8 am

Covered: Safety, Laws, Dig Safe, Trenching, Basic Hydraulics, Inspections, Accident Avoidance, Quizzes.

******You must register prior to class date. ***** Pick a date and register for class.

Call for other Ma Hoisting License class dates when required. 508-212-4735

Important: We are extremely accommodating to our valued customers, if rescheduling is necessary. We will gladly move you to any other location and date we offer for free. ONLY if you call us with 24 hrs notice of class.