Why MA Hoisting License?

Why Train With MA Hoisting License? Our students PASS!

Our classes are developed by licensed practicing professionals from Massachusetts who have been in the construction business for over 26 years.
3 Ways to learn: Classroom, online or workbook. Choose what's most convenient for you.

Some of the benefits of taking your training with MA Hoisting License include:

Test Prep Classes online
1.    Classes are narrated
2.    You can complete the entire class as many times as needed. (Spend as much or little time on each section as you personally need)
3.    We offer you 30 days to train for one low price and offer free extensions
4.    We have an exceptional track record of passing students
5.    If you don't pass you can take the class you ordered again free, and one other we offer -  also free.
Renewal Continuing Education Courses online
1.    You are guaranteed your certificate
2.    Courses are narrated
3.    You only spend time on new material. Information already known can be skipped
4.    We have excellent phone support
5.    We are approved by the state Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Check our competitors and see if their systems offer the same value as the classes found on our site. We dare you to compare – you’ll find we offer the best value for your wallet and the best training for your safety.
Don't Miss Work or Waste a Day if You Don't Have to!
R Spec Certifications, LLC. is the parent company of several safety orientated web stores created to serve the lift and construction industry. These industry related web stores are:
Our Goal and Our Mission: Hoist Licensing Made Simple.

Online Hoisting License and Online Hoisting Continuing Education Courses
Classroom Hoisting License and Classroom Hoisting Continuing Education Courses

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